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Chuk Palu offers a line of contemporary rugs in pile and flat woven techniques. Produced in Afghanistan, our rugs are made completely by hand; even the yarns are handspun. Weaving is an expression of culture, one of the oldest cultural techniques that humans possess. But the best weaving remains sensitive to nature – to the natural world from which all woven materials come. Design is essential to rug making, but Chuk Palu believes that it should not dominate the impact of the rug. In our rugs design is kept to a minimum, allowing the color and the wool quality to constitute an important part of the impression that the rug makes. In the same way we encourage the weavers to let the physical or tactile quality of the weaving technique show through as well. In pile, and especially in our flat woven rugs – sumaks and kilims – the weavers utilize a bold, robust, or even coarse technique that stresses the natural homespun quality of the very fibers themselves, visible to the eye and sensible to the touch.

Chuk Palu reflects the creativity of its owner and founder, Rahim Walizada, a prime mover of a new movement in Afghanistan that seeks to bring folkloric craft tradition into the realm of high art. For Rahim rug weaving is another form of contemporary painting, but rooted as well in traditional textile design.
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